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Cleaning Your Dog

The market is filled with a number of different dog cleaning products. Therefore, choosing a preferred cleaning product can be a challenge if it is your first time purchasing dog cleaning supplies. To solve this problem, a solution would be to visit a pet shop since they can be in a better position to recommend […]

Proper Vaccination for Your Dog

Taking care of your pet dog means having it vaccinated correctly. There are certain protocols that must be followed for vaccinations. You can not just take your dog for any vaccinations. You must know when, how and why. Knowing this will help you take better care of your dog. There are vaccines that are vital […]

Impressive character Traits

Your dog at home could be the most intelligent animal domesticated. To some extent, you do not count it as an animal, you would rather give it a humanly name due to the impressive and intelligent acts it does. The only problem could be that a dog was not granted the ability to talk; yet, […]

Naming Your Dog

Choosing a name for your dog is part of the fun of having a pet. It is a chance for you to make that dog you just bought or adopted your own. However, you have to ask yourself, what really is the importance of choosing the perfect name for your dog? You can not just […]

The Dog Bite Law

Although most dog bites aren’t normally venomous, some are. Most inflict injuries that lead to chronic wounds. A dog carrying a disease like rabies is terribly poisonous hence important to keep off completely. Dog bites are dangerous especially in those homes guarded by ‘dangerous dogs’. Under the dog bite laws in most sates and countries, […]

Purchasing a Dog

Today, there are several dog breeders that you can always rely on whenever you are planning to buy a dog. However, not all these breeders can always offer you the best dog that can suit your personal demands. It is therefore very important that whenever you are planning to purchase a dog, you should be […]